On this blog you will find vinyl albums from the past.


Welcome to this blog in progress.

There will be albums from all sort of musicstyles, popular, orchestral, musical, opera, rock, classical, jazz and everything else.

I’ve focussed on the timeperiod 1945-1965, perhaps a few earlier or later.

From well known artists from the past like Al Jolson, Bing Crosby, Caterina Valente, Connie Francis, Doris Day, Frank Sinatra, Miles Davis, Pat Boone and many many more.

But also less well known for most people like Bo Rhambo, Buddy Cole, Dennis Day, Frank Froeba and many many more.


There will also be theme-related widgets like Surfing Music in the 60s, Love and Peace in the 60s, music from tv-series from the 50s-70s. Since i am from the Netherlands there will also be a theme Music in the Netherlands in the 60s.


It’s best to see for yourself what you might like, you can access all albums in the sidebars, i’ve tried to categorize them as best as i could.

Most of the time you will be directed to a subpage with the albumcovers from the artists, from there you can choose the album(s) you like to go to the download- and informationpage.

Everything is packed with winrar, you can unpack the files and listen to the mp3’s.
Most are individual mp3’s from that album, but sometimes you will find an mp3 with the complete album.

Not albums are complete, but most are.

Most of the quality is good enough, sometimes it’s a little squeekie but still reasonable to listen.


Thanks to the following sites for the information and links and pictures/covers.







30 thoughts on “Home

  1. Welcome to this blog. It’s a work in progress and it will be so for the coming months.

    I try to place the albums in appropriate categories what sometimes can be a little difficult, like is it jazz or dixieland, in earlier years it’s even sometimes jazz and blues at the same time.
    Just like is it musical or operette or a movie, like Singin’ in the rain, started as a movie and became a Broadway Musical.
    Please let me know if something is incorrect with the information or not working, i checked some samples of the links but to check all links (over 3500) is too much work, so there always can be a not working link or cover.

    I’ve done some work allready and the next categories are finished so you can browse through these ones and download the music.

    Classical Composers
    Classical Orchestras
    Classical Various
    Square Dancing
    Dance Various
    Folk American
    Folk Various
    Instrumental Accordion
    Instrumental Guitar
    Instrumental Harmonica
    Instrumental Organ
    Instrumental Piano

    I will let you know in a comment when i finished another category.

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      1. Thanks, i think i will be working on it for several months to come. If anyone has other ideas about musicthemes, from before 1970, i can see if there will be enough material to make that theme.


    1. If i understand correctly you mean music from like Indians, Innuit, Aboriginals, Maori’s and others that are originally, native, from a particular country or part of the world. That would be very interesting, i sure will be on the look out for it the coming months to see if there is enough material to make this category. There is a little bit like this with the Hawaiian category, but that’s more the popular versions from western artists.


  2. I’ve finished all pages for Popular Female.

    Next days i will be working on Popular Male, that is a huge task with 400+ albums, i hope to have them ready early next week.


  3. I’ve finished the page Spoken Word.

    I will continue somewhere next week with the pages Miscellaneous stuff because i have some more preparations to do for those.


  4. I’ve finished the pages Songs of our times and Various 2.

    I am finished with all regular albums now.

    Next weeks i will be working on the themes from which you allready can see the pictures.
    British invasion in the 60s and Surfmusic in the 60s only needs a bit of work so i think they will be ready tomorrow or in the weekend.
    The other themes will be done also, but later, those need some more time working on.


  5. I’ve finished the theme Surfing Music.
    I will be working on other themes the next weeks but when they will be finished is hard to tell, that kinda depends on the weather, it’s summerlike now so i will be more outside fishing and biking with the restrictions for going outside being lowered. Next theme could be ready next week or in 2 weeks, but i will let know in a comment when and which ones are ready.


  6. I’ve finished the theme Girl Groups.
    Btw, you have to check out the videoclip at the Shangri-Las page, i think it’s brilliantly hilarious.

    Next week i will be working on the theme Bubblegum Music, should not be a large theme because it was just a short periode and little artists but nevertheless has his significance.


  7. I’ve finished the theme Bubblegum Music.
    Some groups are debatable for Bubblegum Music but at the least it’s Bubblegummish.


  8. I’ve finished the theme Dutch music in the 60s.
    No albums but singles with most of the time also the b-side.
    That was a big task, more than 2000 songs from 128 artists/bands.


  9. I’ve finished the theme Jamaican Ska.
    If you even wondered where Skagroups from the 80s like Specials and Madness were inspired by, you have to browse this theme.
    I saw many concerts in the 80’s by Specials, Madness, Selecter, Bad Manners, and especially the Specials with trombonist Rico Rodriguez and trumpettist Dick Cuthell were my favorites.

    It was difficult sometimes because many artists that played ska, played reggae also (just a thin line between those) but i’ve tried to focus on the ska and rocksteady.


    1. I’ve finished the theme Love and Peace in the 60’s (Hippies).

      Next theme i want to make is 60s Garage Rock, if i can find enough material for it.


  10. It looks like i opened a box that never runs out with the 60’s Garage Rock, i allready found information and music from 65 bands and artists and it’s still not empty. So i guess i will be busy a couple of weeks to sort and prepare everything.


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